Tuesday, June 22, 2010

going back!

juz a random pic from my folder
and it just look so nice here. ;p

hye! da nak balik malaysia for my summer break. esok flight malam (10pm, 23/6) , insya allah tiba (9pm, 24/6). mungkin bila da ada kat rumah nanti beserta internet tak selaju pakcik terlaju (sebab for now tengah ta dapat nak bagi example apa). so mungkin kegiatan mengupdate belog ni akan terserlah kembali. okay wish may i have a safe journey back home. snap!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


You were never in love with me to begin with, i think...
But I don't really care when I think about it...
It's not like I can go back and check..

Who am I supposed to hate?
What emotions am I supposed to hold back?
Was the person who left without a goodbye the sadder of the two?

Hey, all my heart can do now is hurt.
I'm just crying here pathetically.

I hear sorrow repeats over and over like the waves.
I wonder if it'll grow out on its own like a damaged fingernail?

Hey you, today we're searching for our separate lights.
As if it's natural we still walk towards tomorrow.