Friday, April 18, 2008

PraCticAL CheM Lab Exam~

4 d 1st time doin all experiment without talking @ chatting @ asking...
so hard n tough.. (-_-")

4 the titration i dun know whether my end point is right @ not..
oh god...
do help me..

while for measuring the temperature,
it's so hot during the experiment..
need to switch off the air-cond..
so uncomfortable..
plus with the lab coat..

3rd one..
test for unknown..
so confusing!!

hard to recognize what is the unknown..
hate it!

n the last...
luckily i've enough time for it..
but not sure whether it is right @ not..

whatever it is..
so relaxing after doin the experiment..
lose 1 burden on my shoulder..

Friends.. So Fun.. So Fickle..?


dont walk in front of me, i may not follow..
dont walk behind of me, i may not lead..
juz walk beside me and be my friend..

susah nak cari kawan yang betol2 sejiwa.
at first kita rasa dialah org nya..

but after few days, weeks, n months..
we started to realize that she @ he is not one of them..

byk sgt yg rupa2 nya kami x sefahaman..
n s/times he @ she can be the one who discourage u not encourage..

kadang2 t'tekan sgt punya kawan mcm ni..
nk b'cerita dgn dia rasa ragu2..
nk melawak rasa kekok..
nk ajak ke mna2 takut menyusahkan..


blh ke manusia hidup tanpa kwn..?
satu persoalan yg memang xleh d nafi kan lg jwpan dia..

after experienced a lot of things..
aku start buat keputusan utk
x t'lalu mltk kan hrpn yg t'lalu tggi pd mereka(stgh2 je)
tidak terlalu b'gantung dgn mereka..
n cuba jd lbih b'dkari..

org yg aku hny blh p'caya adlah
diri sndri n parents..
umi n abah..
syg kamu smua..

i do need u guys..
but juz a friends not more than that..


the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree..
but in the hearts of true friends..

(above pic juz a 'hiasan')

>>sweater 4 ALUK 5a<<