Friday, April 18, 2008

PraCticAL CheM Lab Exam~

4 d 1st time doin all experiment without talking @ chatting @ asking...
so hard n tough.. (-_-")

4 the titration i dun know whether my end point is right @ not..
oh god...
do help me..

while for measuring the temperature,
it's so hot during the experiment..
need to switch off the air-cond..
so uncomfortable..
plus with the lab coat..

3rd one..
test for unknown..
so confusing!!

hard to recognize what is the unknown..
hate it!

n the last...
luckily i've enough time for it..
but not sure whether it is right @ not..

whatever it is..
so relaxing after doin the experiment..
lose 1 burden on my shoulder..

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