Sunday, November 28, 2010

A for award

alright. let me thank her first for the award she gave. thanx to cik diana for the award. eventho i barely sign in rite now. but i feel appreciated. hihi. love u girl.

as usual, let's do what the award told u to.

firstly : thanks the person who gave u the award and link that person.
already done!

secondly : spread the award to another 10 blogger who 'which is me' like and think their blog are awesome.

can i just spread it to all of my blogger friends? i think they got their own coolness and awesomeness part. so to u who read this post, do feel free to take it. *but do give me credit* ;)

thirdly : tell 7 things about urself.

i'm superbly awesome.
i'm amazingly arrogant
i'm obviously distorted
i'm greatly selfish
i'm deeply feeling less
i'm mostly annoyed
i'm secretly stingy

alright. now i'm done. for those, whom i gave the award to. do enjoy it and display it in ur belog.