Sunday, September 21, 2008


sequence from IELTS Final Speaking..
(mcm sengal pon ada)

me,dekja n zik decide to go to
coz we want to buy
raya cards
it's bout a
week left before celebrating raya..
and just now we got time to think about buying it..

we went there by bus..
the cutest bus u ever found
which is
beloved 'bus mini'
with the
cheapest price too i think..

1st we went to PAS n i found
two beautiful card raya..
also bought a few
mini card raya to give to
my classmates n housemate..
even i went there with her..

then we went to
SACC Mall..
go straight to 3rd floor where
F.O.S. is located..
so fortunate of me..


all the prices have been
cut into
half price..
wink~ wink~

then i saw a
nice green long sleeve t-shirt..
n the price is sooo...
masya allah..

rm8.50 after u cut in into half..


location : PAS
event : looking for raya card

IELTS Final Speaking...

now the big day has come..
today i woke up at 8.13a.m.
kinda early when it is weekend..
but what choice do i have..
i need to hv a last practise
to strengthen the confidence in me..

practise.. practise..
until the long needle reach at number 6..
( i mean 9.30a.m.)
got a baju kurung n tudung to iron..
so stop practising..
something else is waiting for me..

1 message received..
(from zikri)

' Salam.. Q...
pkul 11 kn? da bangun? '

it's mean that i've to get ready before 11.00a.m.
although my turn for speaking exam is at 12.45p.m.
but we have to go there thirty minutes earlier..
somehow we decide to go
to intec much much earlier..


bad luck..
there is no intec bus for us to go to that 'great intec'
so we took a cab n 'fortunate' for us
because the driver is so 'environment friendly'
he was talking too much..
from esso until we reach in front of intec's gate..

pakcik please..
i'm so agitated that time
n still need to listen to ur free speech..

INTEC here i come..

after registering..
we have to wait in lecture mass hall..
lot of student still waiting for their turn..
n 'lucky' for me because there are
just 2 more person before me...
get ready to be reaalllly cuak!

my turn has come..

in room 2..
evaluator's name : Clamantine Mangalam
time : 12.45p.m.

good afternoon mam..
n then the conversation is begin n finished
after about 15mins..
so relief after that killer time..

still have three killer exam to sit on..

syiqin buleh!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

a week before Hari Raya Aidilfitri break

this upcoming week
will be the busiet week..

so syiqin.. be prepared..
insya allah..

schedule for one whole week..

21st sept
IELTS Final Speaking

23rd sept
Core Math's test ( integration 4 and 5 )

24th sept
Chemistry Topic Test
( periodic table ii & organic chemistry iii)

26th sept
Chemistry Lab Test ( unknown )

27th sept
IELTS Final Listening,
Reading & Writing

within this upcoming week
CTU Folio ( hasn't been printed yet )
Core Math Project ( lalala~ )

my god..
this is just toooooo much!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

procrastination is for loser..

' procrastination is for loser '

are you one of them?
if i asked myself i absolutely will say that i'm not..
but i do always (not frequent) delayed things..

consequently i got a bundle of burden
on my shoulder right now..
what a pity..

things that i want to do but
had been postponed for a several time..

1. math's folio project ( only do the draft )
2. ctu's folio ( juz finished )
3. completing safety form ( in progress until now )
4. writing personal statement ( still in the middle of nowhere )

do i left anything?
even i can't remember what it was..
bad syiqin..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

break fast at secret recipes

berbuka puasa di secret recipes...
misi dilaksanakan oleh saya sendiri,dekja n adrie..
berlepas dari kolej dgn menaiki bas rapid T529 about 5.40pm..
mengambil masa approximately 1hour to reach komp pkns..
so looonnnnnggggg~~~~

tiba d komp pkns kira2 jam 6.3opm..
malang tidak berbau sorang ahli kami ditahan oleh
pengiklan2 tidak bertauliah d hdpn pntu masuk pkns..
beliau ditahan dalam masa 20min..
tp nasib tidak menyebelahi pengiklan tersebut
kerana kami lgsung tidak berminat..
[ wat perabih ayaq liuq ja la ]

selama masa pengiklanan dijalankan
saudara adrie menawarkan diri
untuk pergi menjenguk persekitaran di dalam pizza hut
kami teringin mahu berbuka puasa
dgn menjamah sbarang sekeping dua roti pizza..
tetapi nasib tidak menyebelahi kerana kesemua meja pizza tersebut
telah dicop terlebih dahulu..

maka kami cuba meninjau keadaan di kfc dan mcD..
kedua2 fast food ini juga turut dipenuhi
oleh hamba2 allah yg sedang sedia
menantikan bunyi azan maghrib berkumandang..

maka kami mengambil kesepakatan untuk
berbuka puasa di secret recipes yg terletak
di dalam bangunan SACC...
tetapi kami turut mengalami beberapa kesulitan ketika berada di situ..
para waiter @ waitress nya dgn selamba
membuat donno terhadap kami yg ingin membuat pesanan..
[ bad service!!! ]

utk menu berbuka puasa hari ini aku telah memesan
prawn maccaroni with cheese
& espresso macchiatto
[lupa ejaan yg sebenar]

Monday, September 15, 2008

monday blues...

On Monday, when the sun is not so hot,
I wonder to myself a lot :
' Now is it true, or not,
That what is which and which is what? '

what a worst day..
i cannot pay full attention at class..
cannot really understand what i've learned..
can't stand with my classmates too..

with their gedixx n cheekyyy things..

juz stay quiet if u know what is that or not..
don't need to shout or anything..

n don't act gedix2 with someone in front of u..
make me feel suck!

guess i need to buy lot of lot of chocolate today..
people say that chocolate can make u feel better..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

sekali kena tagg la..

come on.. come on..
tagg ramadhan..
siler bacer..

Bagaimana caranya?

1. Copy gambar di bawah lalu posting di blog anda
2. Teruskan tags ini minimum ke 5 blogger muslim yang anda kenal.
3. Jangan lupa tinggalkan komen pada blog mereka
4. Tulis alamat blog anda (di bawah gambar) setelah alamat blog pemberi tags

saper lg hamba allah yg bakal d tagged??
rahsier ar..


masuk hari ni da 14 hari aku pose.. masih penuh..
happy [^^]v
n kehappyan semakin bertambah
sbb dpt sahur n berbuka dkt
home sweet home..

tapy kesadnessan da nk timbul blk
sbb ptg ni da nk blk kolej..
malas2.. (~~)
nnt da x blh nk buka n sahur kt umah lg..
huhu.. T_T
knp ielts exam wat mase weekend???

Friday, September 12, 2008

so hard..

how hard is to create a website?
it is hard.. when you don't have a basic bout it..

firstly i tried to download microsoft front page..
but even i've finished, i still can't manage to create one..
so sad..

then i tried search in internet..
i found two web which can help me
to create my own website in easy way..
i felt kinda unsatisfied..
i want to create it by myself..
without with the help from any site..

someone please teach me how..

stress.. stress..