Sunday, September 21, 2008

IELTS Final Speaking...

now the big day has come..
today i woke up at 8.13a.m.
kinda early when it is weekend..
but what choice do i have..
i need to hv a last practise
to strengthen the confidence in me..

practise.. practise..
until the long needle reach at number 6..
( i mean 9.30a.m.)
got a baju kurung n tudung to iron..
so stop practising..
something else is waiting for me..

1 message received..
(from zikri)

' Salam.. Q...
pkul 11 kn? da bangun? '

it's mean that i've to get ready before 11.00a.m.
although my turn for speaking exam is at 12.45p.m.
but we have to go there thirty minutes earlier..
somehow we decide to go
to intec much much earlier..


bad luck..
there is no intec bus for us to go to that 'great intec'
so we took a cab n 'fortunate' for us
because the driver is so 'environment friendly'
he was talking too much..
from esso until we reach in front of intec's gate..

pakcik please..
i'm so agitated that time
n still need to listen to ur free speech..

INTEC here i come..

after registering..
we have to wait in lecture mass hall..
lot of student still waiting for their turn..
n 'lucky' for me because there are
just 2 more person before me...
get ready to be reaalllly cuak!

my turn has come..

in room 2..
evaluator's name : Clamantine Mangalam
time : 12.45p.m.

good afternoon mam..
n then the conversation is begin n finished
after about 15mins..
so relief after that killer time..

still have three killer exam to sit on..

syiqin buleh!!!

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