Monday, January 31, 2011


i always wondered why it was only me
who had it this hard
when everyone around me always looked so happy
however when i spoke with u
it made me feel better, even if only a bit
maybe it's because u were able to sympathize with me
sometimes unknown troubles
seem to come at us all at once
like a monster trying to crush our resolve
but there are becoming
more and more people
who i can say that i'm glad to have met
and that feeling is always with me
whether we are encouraging each other or being mean
now together we are on our way to a place
that neither of us could reach on our own.

Friday, January 28, 2011


there's so much going on inside.
somehow she doesn't know how to repress it anymore.
can one realize that she's done wrong after a long period of time?
can one just forgive and forget?
how she wishes she can do that.
how she hopes she can just disappear.
if only there is no starting point, then there will be no ending.
if only hope is not with her, then she wouldn't know despair.