Thursday, October 23, 2008


happy birthday to me
( act happy belated birthday to me
according to this date)

well.. got an interesting birthday this year
if i had to compare with previous years..

13th oct 20o8 story..

firstly it's started with the birthday cake i got from Naufal
when we were break fast together at secret recipes..

::chocolate indulgence ::
so yummy n sweeeet~
(look a bit weird here)

i guess the taste will be even
sweeter n yummier if i ate it earlier..
but naufal told me to eat it at 12.0oa.m.
so u're the b0ss..

14th 0ct 08 story..
( my outanjobi to be precise)

dekja gave me a cute birthday card..
she puts it on my study table..
thanx dekja..
it was soo00o nice..

not to forget i also
puasa 6 syawal during my birthday..

so me,dekja together with adrie,andi,zik & fik
went to mcD to buka puasa also celebrating my birthday..
it's quiet a pleasant surprised when
zik and fik came with
a very nice and delicious
birthday cake
( i got 2 birthday cake this year)

time to blow the cadles.. =3

potong kek time..

15th oct story..

at night again i went to mcD but with my bf..
he gave me a box of chocolate
+ a very cute key-chain..

thanx darling..
luv you..
even u are late..

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