Wednesday, November 26, 2008

love story...

Hey. This is my story. It's true.
OK, listen. Oh, baby.
The word is I've wanted to talk to you.
The word that made my heart sad.
The reason we loved each other, but could not.
I could not tell you anything like fool.
Please give me a chance again.
I didn't know that.
I'm not sure if your mind is changed.


I apologized, but your look turned back on me coldly
This song is a love story that was sincere.
My story I devoted everything.

But the story is that everything went off and became the past.
I love you. I still love you.(at this moment)

My frank voice in my heart.
It means the determination that I can give you everything.
Come back to me. still love you forever.
I love you. I still love you forever.

Oh, we loved each other, can you forget it?
Love in memory.You left me.
But, the promise that you and me made.

You don't care a tinker's damn?

I heard you've said about me laughingly.
I'm brokenhearted as if I were going to be.

If I were with you just once.
I can't draw my breath.

My everything wants you.

I'll forget with clenching my fist.
My heart is festered, I can't do anymore.
I'm brokenhearted, but I'll not see you.

Memories in you and me.
Remember only one.
I was the guy who could tolerate your everything.

Now I can do everything without you.
I'm listening this song.
This song is love story toward you.
I don't regrect that I gave you my truth.

I'll forget you from now on.
My love that is gone.
I love you. I still love you (at this moment)
My last voice toward you.
My crying that knows everything.

If you hear, please come back to me.
I love you forever.I love you. I love only you.
Baby please come back to me. I miss you baby

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sangat sangat..


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