Monday, July 5, 2010

do u think u're smart??

that time on roof top, two guys were ranting...

"do u think u're the smartest one in class and everyone else just stupid?"

"what're you on about? why're u asking me that?

"so i'm right?'

"well, i think i'm probably the third smartest in our class."

"third? that's pretty modest. who do u think are the other two?"

" you and her."

"huh? quit joking around. you're an idiot."

"you're smat. we've only been in class together two months, but i can tell. besides the fact that u asked me 'do u think everyone else in class is stupid?' is because that's what u think.

he is smart.....
"well, enough about me. you think she is smart? she do seems like she studies a lot and is about somewhere in the middle. but she says she want to be a voice actor, so she must be dumb."

"i think she only pretends to study"


"someone who's really stupid would be frantically taking notes and asking the teacher lots of questions and still get low marks, right?"

"yeah, i gues..."

"she's not calculating. she's just being a girl."

"i don't get what u're saying. can't u explain it better?

"well, it's like she's naturally absorbed the idea that it's feminine to be graceful and well-mannered. and that girls should be serious, but not too smart. she was born with the ability to sense that being too smart is not cute. that's clever right?"

"hmm... don't u think u're reading too much into it?"

"i'm not. she's smart. that's why she is appealing. i can only assume she just naturally chose voice acting because that's a common dream and she's just enjoying having such a dream. she doesn't feel pressure about her future like we do."

"because she's a girl?"

"yeah, she understands that. she's thought since birth that getting married is what makes a girl happy. and until then even after she gets married, she wants to be graceful and cute. because it's not calculated, it makes her 100 times smarter than the girls with the best grades in our class. you don't like stupid girls no matter how cute they are right? well the smartest girl in our class is the opposite. she's good looking but u just can't like her right? she got the best grades of all the girls in our class, and the fact that she's proud of it is repulsive. i think she's stupid. that previous girl, i said that she is cute didn't i? her appeal comes from the wealth of her heart. from the dignity her cleverness brings her."

"dignity huh? you sure are praising her a lot.

"and u're smart even though i'm praising her, u're not worried or jealous at all."

wow.. he is smarter than me. and the way he thinks...

"err... what what? are u jealous after all?''



Anonymous said...

Que, doakan ana jadi smart!! :)

SheQeEN.. said...
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SheQeEN.. said...

insya allah. semoga semuanya menjadi semakin smart dari yang sudah smart. ;)