Tuesday, December 30, 2008

wicked love...

When I see love, I walk by it
When I know it’s love, I make an excuse
When I hear love, I ignore it

I shouldn’t be able to dream,
so my breathing won’t stop
maybe i love you
maybe i need you

Why do I look up at the sky without a word?
Each time my heart swells, I’m nervous
Why am I smiling without a word?
I still have things to tell you

That guy has nothing
Except a handsome face
He doesn’t need a vacation to rest
He takes them the whole year round
You really amaze me

That girl has nothing
Except a nice figure
She learned how to wear make up
when others were studying

When others work, she sleeps
You really amaze me

This isn’t a drama that we enjoyed
This isn’t a movie, with the happy endings we like
The beautiful endings don’t exist
Each day is ordinary, nothing happens

p/s : this entry has nothing to do with my life

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