Wednesday, August 18, 2010

far away

So many times I tried to let you go
Since our love can never be true
I know that you went far away
Dont be sorry, I'll forget you right here

I'm gonna be so rude to you, when you hear my words your smile will disappear
I'm too afraid to look at you so I keep my face hidden in your arms
Sorry I'm sayin goodbye after soaking your shoulder with my tears
You even understood my sad eyes
But here I am trying to erase you
The rude stares we received from others around us finally broke me apart
We're unable to protect each others love

Go ahead and believe me, curse me.
We're both going to through the same pain
So as the heart hurts, the heart hurts, the heart hurts,
your eyes show the saddness you feel from your broken heart
Because my heart wont be able to find you,
it'll call out your name a hundred times when it hurts
I'm unable to comfort my pained heart.

Even if my love calls out to you, dont answer back.
It'll only make me weaker
My heart is going to hurt like crazy but I can handle it.
So leave and forget me

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